Mz McKenna

Universal Rhythms was set up by Mz McKenna.

Mz McKenna is a DJ, producer and electronic dance music enthusiast, with a 9 - 5 job as a web developer for an award winning company that specialise in the design and development of websites for estate agents - and a recent breast cancer survivor (so far, so good).

In terms of overcoming a rare form of breast cancer (so far, so good), and as well as trying to keep busy during these unprecedented times, she has tried to turn those negatives into positives, through her escape into the music world.

Listening to, and producing music has helped her on her journey, thanks to not only escapism, but by being inspired by Chase and Status, The Chemical Brothers, Andy C, Wilkinson, Subfocus, The Prodigy, and The Beatles, especially.

She wants to give back to the music world due to this, and if she learns of at least one person who's life has been made better, in any shape or form, because of her music, she will have more than exceeded her expectations. 

If you are producing music and it makes you dance - fire it over, we want to hear it....